After witnessing the murder of his parents at the hands of a mugger as a child, Bruce Wayne made it his life's goal to become the fearsome Batman, and to stop anyone from suffering the same way he did. He waged a secret war on crime in New Gotham City for many years and most of the people didn't know if he ever existed.

He also eventually founded much disciples by mentoring Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl. In the same time he found his one true love in face of Selina Kyle, the legendary "queen of the criminal underworld" who went by the pseudonym Catwoman. Selina (presumably retired from crime), raised their daughter, Helena, on her own, and Bruce was unaware that he had sired a child with her. Growing up, Helena became close friends with Barbara Gordon and never knew that she was also the costumed vigilante.

One night Batman managed to finally defeated his archnemesis Joker and taken him into police custody since it became obvious that he would easily escape Arkham. With all of his criminal operations in Gotham cut off, Joker sought revenge against the Caped Crusader. He escaped the police's custody yet again and hired Clayface to kill Selina Kyle and Joker himself shot Batgirl at her apartment in his lust for revenge. Joker was later incarcerated in a maximum prison far away from New Gotham in order to keep New Gotham safe from his mad carnage.

Bruce, still mourning the death of Selina and feeling guilty about paralyzing of Barbara, left New Gotham leaving behind instructions for his butler Alfred to watch over his daughter and now live somewhere in Europe.



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