Brane Taylor became Batman after watching some archived footage of the Dynamic Duo in action.



In the 31st century a future relative of Bruce Wayne, who had no prior knowledge of their connection, had take the mantle of 'The Batman'. It was around this time, the 31st century, that Saturn's army of Fura has conquered much of Earth during the pre-crisis. After a long 'guerrilla' warfare battle against the Saturnian forces, Batman (Brane Taylor) and his nephew (Ricky), both rendered the Saturn army of Fura useless. From there, Brane and Ricky attacked Saturn itself in effort to prevent future conflicts. It was their that Brane and Ricky had stumbled upon a tower that they would later destroy which was controlling the Saturn forces on Earth. They were robots. Batman and Robin confront Robot, Fura. Batman punctures Fura's spacesuit in combat, killing him. It was around this time that Brane discovers that he is a descendent of Bruce Wayne. Considering his name is Brane (Bruce Wayne combined). Robin (Ricky) would later be injured on duty while attempting to arrest a villain named Yerxa. Therefore, Batman travels back in-time to the 20th century to replace his sidekick with Bruce Wayne's ex-robin, Dick Grayson. Bruce and Brane remain in contact in case Bruce needed Brane to travel back in-time. Which he eventually did contact him, so Brane could act as 20th century Batman so Bruce could keep his secret identity while being Bruce Wayne.


Brane is shown in the future fighting the robot Iron Heel of Fura once again. Brane would show up again alongside 31st century Superwoman, Elna Kent, as they fought Lord of Time after Kent Shakespeare, aka Superman, was incapacitated during the Miracle Monday Celebration. Brane is partnered with Tom Wayne, AKA Robin.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

.Guns .Batarangs.Hand 2 Combat.Expert Martial Artist

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