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Batman was a Russian anarchist and a thorn in Superman's side on Earth-30.

Character History[]

In the 1950s on Earth-30, Superman is revealed as the newest Soviet weapon in the Cold War, turning the space race into a metahuman race.

The son of a pair of pro-capitalist dissidents in the U.S.S.R., the boy who would become the Batman saw his parents get gunned down by Stalin's police force for printing anti-Superman propaganda, and vowed revenge against Pyotr Roslov, the captain of the police.

In the 1970s, only the United States and Chile remain independent from the Soviets, and both are on the brink of collapse, while President Kennedy is forced to grant independence to Georgia. The Superman-led Soviet Union has grown without resorting to war, and has virtually eliminated poverty, disease and the like, but this has started to infringe on individual liberties, and Superman is fast becoming a Big Brother-like figure. A brain surgery technique that turns dissidents into obedient drones, or "Superman Robots," is in use.

Batman eventually became a grown man and the head of an anarchistic terrorist network that sees the abundance forced upon the people by Superman's system as little more than oppression. His persistent success in avoiding capture is a thorn in Superman's side.

Roslov, now head of the KGB and consumed by jealousy of Superman, later managed to convince the Batman to help him eliminate Superman, arguing that with Superman out of the way, Batman's quest to kill Roslov would be more easily accomplished.

Batman forges a temporary alliance with Lexcorp and with his parents' killer to attempt a coup. He then kidnapped Superman's colleague and friend Wonder Woman to use her as bait for Superman, in order to draw him into a wasteland, where Batman was hoping to sap his powers with rays that imitate the light of Superman's native sun.

The plan worked, and Batman then bombarded Superman with simulated red sunlight. But unfortunately for Batman, Wonder Woman breaks free and rescues Superman by removing the generator powering the lamps, although the process (which requires snapping her golden lasso) seriously injures her.

Batman commits suicide to avoid capture, but not before revealing to Superman that Pyotr had a role in the plot. Then, unwilling to be locked up, Batman instead detonated a bomb, and was killed in the explosion.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Batman possesses no superhuman powers but is in peak human condition.

Appearances in Other Media[]

  • Superman: Red Son (film): In this film, Batman is given a new backstory. Here he and his family were imprisoned in a gulag when the boy who would become Batman was only a child. The gulag forced them to live in a mining colony deep underground where the boy developed a hatred for the Soviet Superman and took up the name Batman as a reference to the bats he lived alongside in the mines.