Batman was a crime fighter in Gotham City, and later the public leader of the Insurgency. After witnessing his parents' brutal murder, Bruce Wayne swore to fight crime in Gotham City, using the symbol of a bat to strike fear into his enemies. When Superman began using authoritarian methods to fight crime, Batman swore to stop him and the Regime, founding the Insurgency.


Batman's history is presumed to have been the same as his his Prime-Earth counterpart. He was particularly close with Clark Kent/Superman, who he considered his best friend. When his arch-nemesis, the Joker, kidnapped Lois Lane, Batman helped search for the Clown Prince of Crime. However, Joker, using a Kryptonite infused version of the Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, tricked Superman into killing his wife and unborn child. In addition, their heartbeats had been rigged to a nuclear bomb hidden in Metropolis, destroying the city. As Batman interrogated Joker to learn how he had gotten the device, Superman burst in and murdered the criminal.

Soon afterwards, Superman decided that superheroes should lead the world and no longer work to help it, working with the Justice League to build a worldwide Regime. Recognising that his friend had been broken by the events, Batman swore to stop him, recruiting allies to stop the now-dictator Man of Steel. These included Bat-family members, other heroes, including Green Arrow and Black Canary, and former enemies, such as Harley Quinn. The group also received help from Superman's friend and ally Alexander "Lex" Luthor, who acted as a mole for the group.

Over the five years, Batman attempted to use many methods to subdue Superman, including calling the Green Lantern Corps, recruiting magic-users and the entire Greek Pantheon. Over the years, he lost friends and allies to the Regime. He also disowned his son, Damian Wayne, after he sided with the Regime and accidently killed Dick Grayson. Eventually running out of options, Batman was convinced by Luthor to call upon the Justice League of Earth-Prime, to gain access to a Kryptonite weapon hidden by him.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Whilst the Prime League confronted a group led by its Lex Luthor, Batman was able to retrieve four members of the League he'd trusted to help him: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow. He also teleported their version of the Joker to the universe to prevent him from performing a similar scheme to what had set Superman down the wrong path, inadvertently bring the Universe's Batman with them. After the League fought against Sinestro and the Yellow Lantern Han Jordan, Batman made contact with them and brought them to the Insurgency's hideout.

When their Aquaman returned from an excursion to Atlantis, Batman and Luthor met with an informed the teleported League members of what had happened in their universe and asked for them to help him retrieve the weapon. He had chosen to acquire their help since his universe's counterparts had either sided with the Regime or been killed in the fight. While travelling to the Batcave, they received a notice from Harley Quinn that the League's Joker was attempting to take over the Joker Clan and become the target for several Regime members. Batman and the League arrived just as the battle came to an end, after which he ordered them to take the Joker into custody.

Injustice 2

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+300% damage on basic attacks when opponent shocked.

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