Batman is the savior of Gotham City, along with his partners Robin and Batgirl.

By day, he is Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy celebrity covered by columnists like Gossip Gerty on a daily basis.


Early life

On a night out at the cinema the Waynes were mugged by a lone "maniac" in the dark. The gunman shot down both his mother and father for no reason right in front of him. The violent deaths of Bruce's parents fractured his psyche. On the night of his parents' wake, the priest's words gave the distraught Bruce no comfort. Bruce walked over to his father's desk and noticed a red book lying on it.

Bruce finding the future Batcave as a child.

Bruce took the red book and ran out into a powerful storm. He fell into a centuries old cave. When he got up, Bruce looked forward and saw a figure approaching him in the darkness: a giant bat. Bruce was at first scared, but then he decided to take that image and put fear into the hearts of criminals.

Early Years as Batman

Spending his lifetime training to fight crime, Bruce eventually became a crime-fighter known as Batman. He worked closely with the GCPD, including Commissioner James Gordon. Bruce also received help from his butler and guardian Alfred Pennyworth.

Harvey Dent becomes Two-Face

After learning about Sal Moroni's planned attack on District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman tried to intervene to stop the attack. However, he arrived too late and was unable to stop the attack. This led Dent to become the criminal "Two-Face", who Batman subsequently defeat.

On the second anniversary of Dent's capture, Batman learned that Two-Face had escaped Arkham Asylum and was committing a robbery of the Second Bank of Gotham. Batman foiled the robbery, but Two-Face escaped. While at the bank, Batman encountered Dr. Chase Meridian and they shared an instant attraction towards one another. Bruce Wayne then pursued the relationship.

Answering the Riddler

At Wayne Enterprises, Edward Nygma developed The Box which spiked images directly into the user's brain. Bruce stopped the project which then pushed Nygma to become the Riddler.

Bruce and Dick bonding over their mutual love of motorcycles.

Bruce took Chase to the circus where Two-Face arrived, and threatened to blow it up unless Batman revealed his true identity. The Flying Graysons got rid of the bomb, but Dick Grayson was the only member who survived. Bruce allowed Dick to stay at Wayne Manor as he saw similarities to himself, but Dick did not want to accept that. Bruce revealed to Chase that he was haunted by suppressed memories. Bruce then took Chase to Nygma's The Box launch where he tested The Box, and supplied the Riddler with the knowledge of Batman's true identity.

During this conflict, Bruce's memories of his parents' murder, having laid dormant for several years, would start to appear to him in his dreams, and well as flashes while awake. He also started to recall the latest entry in his father's diary as "Bruce insists on seeing a movie tonight". This would make him believe that by making them go, he had caused to the death of his parents. After the battle with Two-Face in the subway, Bruce was left in the dilemma of continuing to be Batman, saw as GNN News intimidated him, and Two-Face for the destruction of the subway, and saw that he was just Batman to fight against their greatest fear. Bruce decided to give up being Batman and have a normal life with Chase.

Destruction of the Batcave

The Riddler and Two-Face invaded Wayne Manor, destroyed the Batcave and kidnapped Chase.

The next day, Bruce had temporarily amnesia; he did not remember being Batman, and Alfred led him to a section of the Batcave where he entailed him to fight his nightmares and his fear. In that section, Bruce observed his father's diary and discovered that he actually wanted to see a cartoon, while it was really his parents desire to see Footlight Frenzy, thus revealing the death of his parents was never his fault. He then found the secret of the Batcave, the giant bat. After his rehabilitation and his acceptance of Batman, Bruce and Alfred solved the last riddle and discovered that Riddler was none other than Edward Nygma. Alfred and Bruce went down into the Batcave where Bruce put on the new prototype Sonar Batsuit. Dick assumed the identity of Robin and went with Batman to save Chase.

Battle on Claw Island

Batman victorious over the Riddler.

When they got to Claw Island, where the Riddler and Two-Face had made their base, Two-Face captured Robin and the Riddler tried to force Batman to make a choice between Chase and Robin. Batman destroyed the mind device, and drove the Riddler insane. Then he saved Chase and Robin whom a crazed Riddler dropped to their expected deaths. Two-Face confronted the trio but his weakness of needing confirmation from his coin gave Batman the upper hand. Two-Face flipped his coin, Batman threw a handful of coins at him which made him lose his coin and his balance and he fell to his death. Batman then arrested Riddler and took him to Arkham Asylum.

Moving On

After ensuring Nygma had forgotten his identity, Bruce decided to continue operating as Batman, with Dick's help as Robin. He and Chase subsequently broke up some time later. Some time later, Bruce began dating Julie Madison, though did not inform her of his double-life as Batman.

Encountering Mr. Freeze

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Fighting Over Poison Ivy

Batman and Robin, both got affected by Poison Ivy's mind control dust, which caused them to fight over her throughout the film. Batman soon realized what happened, and avoided her beauty and charms while Robin was still influenced. Eventually, Batman was able to gain Robin's trust again and the Dynamic Duo, along with their new partner, Batgirl, managed to apprehend Ivy, who was then imprisoned at Arkham Asylum.

Thawing Mr. Freeze

Batman was tasked with apprehending a thief with a tragic background, known as Mr. Freeze.

Throughout the film, Bruce thought about his relationship with his butler and friend, Alfred Pennyworth.

Batman with Robin and Batgirl.

Batman stopped Freeze, along with Robin and Batgirl, from freezing Gotham with the new telescope at the Gotham Observatory, and revealed to Freeze that Poison Ivy had tried to kill his wife, Nora, in order to be the only woman in his life. Batman promised to have Freeze's wife moved to the lab at Arkham Asylum, where he would be able to continue his research and find a cure for her disease. Freeze also provided Batman with an antidote to save a dying Alfred, who suffered from a lesser case of the same disease: MacGregor's Syndrome. Freeze was locked up in Arkham, where he promised to make Ivy's life "a living hell"

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce gave Alfred the antidote, and saved his life. After initial hesitation, Bruce allowed Alfred's niece, Barbara Wilson, to continue being Batgirl and join the crime-fighting team.


Behind the Scenes

This version of Batman was originally intended as an continuation of the version seen in Batman and Batman Returns. Michael Keaton, who portrayed the character in both films, was originally set to reprise the role. However, the actor dropped out due to disliking the campier tone of the films, leading to the role's recasting in subsequent films. Though initially regarded as the same version of Batman, the character has subsequently been disassociated from the preceding films' version, due to both tonal/thematic differences and the subsequent continuations in The Flash and Batman '89.

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