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|prev = [[Catwoman Goes To College]]
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|next = [[A Piece of the Action]]}}
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[[Category:Batman (1960s series) Episodes|2.84]]

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As the acid begins to spill out of the pot's spout, Batman positions his hand under the flow so that the first few drops of acid will burn away his bonds. Then, using The Batrope, he switches off the master switch. Meanwhile, Catwoman and her men have managed to steal the rare Batagonian Cat's Eye Opals from The Forever Jewel Company. They take them to French Freddy Touche, a well-known fence who runs a fencing school, in the hopes of selling them on the black market. Freddy knows that the opals are supposed to be jinxed and refuses to take them. Later, while trying to convince Catwoman to return the opals for the reward, Freddy discovers that the gems are fakes, created by Batman. Infuriated, Catwoman invites Batman to meet her alone at the model home of The Sherlock Holmes Real Estate Development at midnight. Arriving at the house, Catwoman tries to kill Batman with poisonous perfume, but Batman suspects the trouble and protected himself by putting Batplugs in his Batnostrils, thus foiling her scheme. Catwoman calls for her cleverly hidden henchmen to finish him off. Robin quickly appears, and together The Dynamic Duo rout the roughians. Bruce returns Catowman to Gotham State Pen; she tells him her heart is for Batman.


Batman and Robin clash with The Green Hornet and Kato!




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