"The Boy Wonder Returns"

With the Leviathan's all-out attack on Gotham, the situation seems to be spiraling out of control. This leads Robin to join the fight. Using a powerful exosuit, he flies into the lobby of Wayne Tower, where he fights off hordes of the Leviathan's henchmen. As he is about to be overrun, Nightwing arrives and saves him. Behind cover, the two briefly reminisce about their time together as Batman and Robin; Robin even calls Nightwing his favorite partner.

The two then re-engage the henchmen and defeat them, but then, the Heretic arrives knocks Nightwing out. The Heretic then challenges Robin to a fight to the death, with the winner being deemed Talia al Ghul's chosen son. Robin accepts. The two appear to be evenly matched at first, but then Leviathan henchmen fire arrows on Robin, making the fight uneven. Despite this, Robin continues to fight.

Meanwhile, Batman is locked in a safe submerged in a pool on the roof of Wayne Tower as Talia taunts him about Robin being a failed creation. After freeing himself, Batman is attacked by Man-Bat as the former rushes off to find Robin. By the time Batman has arrived at the lobby, he is horrified to see that Damian has been slain by Heretic. The issue closes with Batman holding his fallen son as Ellie looks on and utters, "He saved me..."


"The Boy Wonder Returns"




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