"The Joker's Advertising Campaign"

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"Payment In Full"

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"Bandits In Toyland"

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"Four Birds of a Feather"

  • Characters joining Penguin (thus four birds) are Canary, Joe Crow and Buzzard Benny.  
  • The four villains decide to head to Florida to begin their schemes... where Bruce and Dick are vacationing. 
  • Bruce changes to Batman to save a woman from a giant squid. The woman turns out to be Canary, Penguin's associate.
  • Penguin and his partners set up an "honest" gambling joint with glass tables so players can see there is nothing illegal happening. 
  • Police look at the "books" and see the casino is barely making money. 
  • Little income in business is true, however, the four make money by robbing winners after they leave the casino. 
  • Bruce enters the casino, and wins a large sum of money. He suspects the men will rob him and calls Dick to provide protection over Bruce (as Robin). Batman joins the fight and they nearly defeat the villains until an errant shot from Penguin's umbrella strikes a water tower, which causes a distraction and allows the villains to escape. 
  • Next, Penguin schemes to win money by fixing a boat race, but Batman captures the driver who would intentionally lose and races his boat instead, much to Penguin's chagrin. 
  • Seeing Batman, Penguin tries to escape and Batman/Robin follow in their boat.
  • Batman and Robin get separated. Batman is badly wounded from gunshots, but continues his pursuit to find Robin. He finally finds Robin in a house tied to a chair. 
  • Batman unties Robin and the two engage Buzzard, Crow and Penguin; and are defeating them. 
  • Penguin and his group escape and Robin, who now realizes Batman is injured, rushes Batman to a doctor. 
  • Canary finds the dynamic duo trying to get medical attention, and gives them a ride to the hospital.  Hospital too busy to treat Batman so Canary offers to perform surgery (she used to be a doctor's assistant). 
  • Surgery is performed in a non-sterile environment, but Batman's life is saved. 
  • Robin returns to Penguin's hideout and defeats Penguin, Buzzard and Crow.  
  • Robin brings Penguin to Batman's bedside the next day to present his "trophy".  
  • Two days later, Batman/Robin are taking Penguin to the police and he escapes.  



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