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"The Case Batman Failed To Solve!"

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"Prescription For Happiness"

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"Swastika Over the White House"

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"Bargains In Banditry"

  • Penguin has his henchmen pass out a "price guide" for Penguin to assist gangs successfully commit crimes. 

  • Instructs gangs how to commit specific crimes, like "rob Chestnut Street Bank" 

  • First customers successfully rob bank, but Penguin shoots them with darts (upon their arrival at their hideout) and takes the loot. 

  • Bruce & Dick happen to be going to the bank just after the criminals leave and discover the Penguin is behind the robbery. 

  • Batman/Robin board the Batplane and find Penguin. A short fight ensues and Penguin escapes (leaving Batman/Robin caught in a net). 

  • Batman/Robin go undercover to find Penguin by posing as competition to Penguin's criminal plans for sale. 

  • Penguin lures Bruce/Dick's undercover alter egos into a trap; only they go has Batman/Robin and get trapped in a giant umbrella that gasses them. 

  • Penguin attempts to kill Batman by making his face a dart target, but keeps missing. 

  • Robin escapes, allowing Batman to escape. 

  • Batman/Robin defeat Penguin and take him to the police. He is later sentenced to death. 




  • In Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys, Sam Emerson tells Edgar Frog and his brother Alan that he is looking for a copy of Batman issue #14. He also tells them that since there are only four copies in existence instead of five, he's always looking out for the other three. That scene was also shown as a flashback in the 2010 sequel Lost Boys: The Thirst.