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"The Joker Reforms"[]

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"The Grade A Crimes!"[]

Gotham City is being plagued by expensive jewel thefts, and the thieves do not hesitate to murder servants and security guards at wealthy homes. Batman and Robin accidentally encounter the

thieves but they not only escape but vanish from a deserted night-time street, Batman has one clue--a button and part of a white shirt that he ripped off a bandit. Remembering there was a milk wagon on the street, Batman deduces the reason the criminals wore full-length black robes and hoods was to conceal a second suit of clothes underneath.

On the hunch a high-up in the dairy business is masterminding the thefts, Batman and Robin keep a weather eye on a penthouse society party thrown by Mr.Winthrop; treasurer of a large dairy firm. After

foiling a robbery attempt, they trail the panicky criminals to a small dairy farm in the country. After a series of fights, the mastermind is revealed to be Winthrop himself; who had been embezzling from the company to fund his lavish lifestyle,

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"The Adventure of the Branded Tree"[]

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"Here Comes Alfred"[]

"It's a free country and you're in it!"

With those words,enter Alfred Beagle; butler from England who had to wait many years to get a ship from England during World War Two and had one of them torpedoed.

Alfred is unaware t hat he is under surveillance by Manuel Stiletti, an international spy with a long record. And Stiletti is being surveilled by Batman and Robin. Stiletti attempts to steal Alfred's suitcase, but Batman and Robin drive him off. The duo expect that is the last they will see of Alfred, but after

midnight he appears at the door of Wayne Manor and announces he is their new butler. He had been a professional actor ,but his father Jarvis had previously been butler to The Wayne family;and on his deathbed

asked Alfred to take over his butler duties. In between the fulfillment of a dying wish and the trouble he had getting to America, Bruce'

and Dick let him stay temporarily. That night, Stiletti and cohorts break into Wayne Manor and again try to steal the suitcase;and are

again driven off by Batman and Robin. While Bruce and DIck take up the chase, Alfred is alone in the house and discovers The Batcave

and their secret identities.He decides to follow his new employers and offer assistance. He ends up rescuing the team from imprisonment in an abandoned theatre,

Stiletti and cohorts knew one of the stickers on Alfred's luggage was a code message pointing out the whereabouts of diplomat

Gaston Le Doux, who had come to America to sell his country's crown jewels to aid in the war effort. They kidnap Le Doux and the jewels,

only to be captured when they return to the theatre.

"You may rely utterly on my discretion", says Alrfed; as he settle into his new responsible duties.

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