"The Batman's Biographer"

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"The Penguin Goes A-Hunting"

  • Bruce/Dick attend presentation by warden about criminals. Penguin, who escaped prison 30 days prior, also attends.  
  • Penguin brings attention to himself by asking the Warden what "The Penguin" was not mentioned as one of the most notorious crooks. He is recognized but escapes police and Batman/Robin (who changed from Bruce/Dick in a cloakroom).
  • Penguin decides to work to improve his reputation as a crook.  He's not taken seriously without his umbrellas. 
  • Penguin robs a sporting goods store and using a fishing rod/reel to steal money from open building windows. 
  • Bruce sees Penguin during a normal day but isn't able to recognize him dressed in fisherman's outfit (Bruce notes the figure "seems familiar").
  • Penguin robs a group of rich people at a birthday party by gassing them all. 
  • Batman/Robin were close enough to hear a shot fired as part of the robbery, and investigate. 
  • Batman/Robin are defeated and captured by Penguin. 
  • Penguin leaves Batman/Robin under watch by ferocious dogs, but Batman befriends the dogs and the dogs chew away the ropes holding the dynamic duo captive.
  • Penguin and his henchman go to a sportsman show to rob attendees. 
  • Batman/Robin, along with the ferocious dogs, find them and easily defeat the henchmen. 
  • Penguin attempts to escape by horseback, but Batman/Robin pursue and capture him by using umbrellas to scare Penguin's horse and buck him off into a pool of water.

"Rogues Pageant"

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"Adventure of the Vitamin Vandals"

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