"The Centuries of Crime"

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"The Trial of Titus Keyes"

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"The Lawmen of the Sea"

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"Bruce Wayne Loses the Guardianship of Dick Grayson"

It all starts out as Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne wake up in Wayne Manor. Then Alfred informs them that there some guests at the door. They claim to be Dick's aunt and uncle who plan to take him away which Bruce refuses to let them do. They go to court and, due to Bruce's cover as a playboy, he loses the guardianship of Dick Grayson. The two however rekindle and talk about old cases. Soon Dick leaves and stays with his evil aunt and uncle while Batman is left alone to stop a mob from stealing a rare book from the library. Soon Batman sees he's messing up because he's too focused on missing Robin. Then, as the fight moves outside, Robin shows up and helps the defeat the mob but the leader escapes. As Robin returns he hears his uncle and aunt planning to sell him back to Bruce Wayne who when he gets there refuses to do.

At Wayne Manor Bruce is enraged how they don't care about Dick but about money. Soon Batman goes back to bust them. Soon he learns the George, Dick's uncle has contacted the mob leader and together they capture Batman and lock him in a vault where he'll fry to death. However Alfred and Robin get a goon to tell them where Batman is when threatening to lock him up with rats. Robin and Alfred save Batman just in time and together they overpower the mob leader. They finally arrest George and his wife who was actually wearing a white wig to look older while she's really a young blonde. This is discovered after they yell at each other over Batman escaping and their arrests. Obviously they lose guardianship of Dick and he is returned to Bruce who in turn literally kicks George Grayson's butt out of the courtroom and tells him to never come back to Gotham again.



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