"Batman's Gangland Guardians!"

The Penguin calls a meeting of Batman's greatest foes—himself, the Joker, Catwoman, Cluemaster, Johnny Witts, the Mad Hatter, and the Getaway Genius—and tells them he has learned of a West Coast crime syndicate trying to relocate in Gotham City. "A voice ...out of thin air" told the Penguin where and when the syndicate plans to stage robberies in order to sucker Batman into deathtraps. But if Batman is killed, the syndicate will then kill his greatest foes—themselves—to eliminate the competition. Thus, all of them must band together to save Batman's life. The Penguin volunteers for the first watch. The blackbird of banditry saves Batman for a doorway bomb in the Gotham City Museum workshop. The Mad Hatter rescues him from a booby-trapped pearl at a gem display. Cluemaster prevents Batman from flying his Bat-copter into an explosive cloud. Johnny Witts destroys a bomb-buoy before the Bat-Boat can contact it. But Batman is finally captured by the syndicate on a waterfront dock, and the Getaway Genius manages to save him. Batman sees none of his saviors in these cases, and after determining neither Alfred nor Robin helped him out, decides that another Justice League member gave him an unseen hand. Batman has guessed, however, who mentally influenced him to patrol certain areas, the same man who telepathed instructions to the Penguin: Mr. Esper. Esper had been paid by the syndicate to lure Batman into traps, but Welshed on the deal so that he could tackle Batman on his own. The syndicate bows out of Gotham, and things return to normal.


"Batman's Gangland Guardians!"




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