"Blind As A... Bat?"

Batman ducks under the spotter's first shot, holding up his wrists so that the blast shatters his handcuff chains. He then kayoes the spotter and switches clothes with him, posing as a blind man to deliver the Batman "impostor" to Gordon and the police. Batman discovers that the "blind" man's glasses are photosensitive, adjusting to darken bright lights. Robin and the disguised Batman are on hand when the "sightless men" converge on the armored car, along with a helicopter. The chopper drops a magnesium flare, temporarily blinding all those without the glasses. But Batman commandeers the truck and uses it to smash a fire hydrant, bowling over the "blind" men, and then turns it over to the truck drivers who take it to Gotham International Airport. Robin, however, falls into the hands of the crooks and is transferred to the helicopter as a hostage. Batman calls in Alfred with the Bat-copter, and is also provided with a new uniform. The Schemer has already transferred Robin to his submarine, from which he intends to launch a missile that will knock down the plane carrying the gold shipment transferred from the armored car; afterwards, he will retreive the gold underwater. But Batman and Alfred locate the sub, disguised as a "duck blind" even though duck season has not begun. Freeing Robin, the heroes defeat the Schemer and his men in hand-to-hand combat. Later, Commissioner Gordon apologizes to Batman and Robin for doubting them and tells them that the blind man was hired by The Schemer to train his men to act convincingly "blind." He was killed to keep him silent, and to facilitate the "dead Batman" ruse. Gordon, Batman, and Robin don dark glasses and crack "blind" jokes.


"Blind As A... Bat?"




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