"Jungle Jeopardy!"

Hired by the ganglords of Gotham to put Batman and Robin out of action, Mr. Esper, alias "Brainwash", lures the two heroes to a bank robbery where he can implant a subliminal device beneath the Batmobile. Once the heroes return to the Batcave, they are induced to see it as transformed into an African jungle, with wild animals threatening them. The same sight awaits them when they ascend to Wayne Manor. But Batman realizes that the setting is wrong, as an African elephant would not be in the same locale as an Asian tiger. They discover the subliminal image-inducer, realize that it was part of a plot to drive them both mad, and realize Mr. Esper was behind the plot. They capture Esper and his gang trying to crack the vault of the Gotham National Bank and defeat their foes, using earplugs to rid them of the subliminal stimuli.


"Jungle Jeopardy!"




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