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"The Streamlined Rustlers"[]

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"Blitzkrieg Bandits"[]

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"His Lordship's Double"[]

  • Alfred doubles as a rich eccentric for a fund-raiser.

"The Three Eccentrics"[]

  • Story starts by Penguin approaching two safe thieves who don't have any work. Penguin hires the men as his henchmen.
  • Story transitions to Penguin following home a wealthy man and then knocking on this door to tell him he dropped some money in the street. Penguin returns the money and uses the opportunity to "case" the inside of the home to determine where the wall safe is. Then Penguin observers the man open the safe (from a window) and put the money in. 
  • Penguin and his safe robbers rob the man's safe. However, opening the safe after 8 pm triggers an alarm, the police are notified, and Batman arrives before Penguin has left. 
  • Just when it appears Batman/Robin will be victorious, Penguin gasses them and escapes. 
  • Batman/Robin end up at the hospital in critical condition, but survive. 
  • Batman deduces Penguin's next victim from a newspaper article he observed at the crime scene, so the caped crusaders head to that location. 
  • Batman/Robin find Penguin and he easily defeat them.  Penguin takes an unconscious Batman and escapes the scene. Robin wakes and observes Penguin leaving with Batman. 
  • Penguin and henchmen drive [apparently] a short distance and dump Batman in quicksand. As he is leaving Penguin gives Batman an umbrella. 
  • Robin drives the Batmobile to Batman and, with the help of Penguin's umbrella, escapes the quick sand. Robin pulls Batman to safety. 
  • Batman/Robin catch up the Penguin and defeat him and his henchmen. 
  • Penguin goes to jail (last panel).