"If There Were No Batman ... I Would Have to Invent Him!"

Dr. Tzin-Tzin marshals mystic power through Tibetan rites in preparation for his third encounter with Batman. He gains the ability to immobilize all of Gotham during a parade, but Bruce Wayne, moderating the event, is spared because he exerted himself to save an endangered child, thus psychically shielding himself. Tzin-Tzin is able to manipulate the crowd into fighting Batman for a short time, but his spell wears off. Batman chases Tzin-Tzin and fails to catch him, but manages to grab the villain's scarf. To combat his foe, Batman constructs a Tsam Khang meditation chamber, gathers mystical power unto himself, tracks down Tzin-Tzin by using the traces of his aura on the scarf, and defeats him in battle. He then turns Tzin-Tzin over to the police, but warns them that the villain must be prevented from seeing anyone and thus manipulating them into freeing him from confinement.


"If There Were No Batman ... I Would Have to Invent Him!"



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