"Batman-Ex - As in Extinct!"

The Penguin begins a new series of crimes by using robots of extinct birds or ancestors of birds, starting with a robot pterosaur. The robot cracks out of a Napoleon statue at Gotham's La Galerie. Batman destroys the mechanical bird, but the Penguin and his gang pull off a jewel robbery while he is doing so. The birdman of banditry next sends an archeopteriz robot to panic the crowds at Gotham City Music Hall where a movie about Machiavelli is playing. At the same time, his gang robs a diner on 1805 Hamilton Street. Batman captures the crooks, but soon learns of an attack on the schooner Nelson by a robot Diatryma. Putting together some clues, Batman learns that the diner stickup was connected with Lord Nelson, who died in 1805, and whose great love was Lady Hamilton. The music hall and jewel robberies were similarly connected with Machiavelli and Napoleon. All three historical figures named were short, and Batman discovers a volume named Little Men of History, detailing the lives of all three men in the order of the Penguin's robberies. Forearmed, Batman guesses the Penguin's next crime will be connected with King Alaric of the Visigoths. Alaric conquered Rome, and Batman discovers the Penguin robbing the Farmer's Market on 410 Coliseum Road. He manages to capture some of the gang, but the Penguin escapes. Both make ready for their next encounter, but Batman is certain that the Penguin will alter his modus operandi for his next caper.


"Batman-Ex - As in Extinct!"





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