The Testimony of the Riddler!

The court of Ra's al Ghul reconvenes to hear the next claimant to the title of Batman-killer, the Riddler. The Prince of Puzzlers assures Two-Face that his psychological handicap of having to send Batman a riddle-clue before committing a crime will henceforth be satisfied by sending his riddles to Batman's gravesite. The Riddler recounts how he, disguised as Batman's friend Bruce Wayne, tried with his gang to steal a platinum-ivory typewriter presented by wealthy Stefan Nikos to his wife at her birthday party. Batman showed up to battle them, did a double-take at the sight of "Bruce Wayne," and was clouted by one of the crooks. After their escape, the Riddler set up a meeting between him and Batman at a quarry via a riddle-clue. At the quarry, he says, he trapped Batman beneath a falling lode of masonry, set up a burning lantern atop a box of dynamite, and watched from safety as the fire set off the explosives and blew Batman to bits. "Two-Face" graphically debunks the Riddler's claim, having the latter tied to a wooden stake with boxes of dynamite around, setting the dynamite on fire, and waiting beside the Riddler while the dynamite burns up. Dynamite, he says, does not explode in fire, only from percussion or electrical shock. The Riddler's claim is thrown out, and Ra's Al Ghul fines him $25,000 for damages to the estate during the dynamite demonstration. Court is adjourned until the testimony of the next claimant, Lex Luthor, can be heard.


"The Testimony of the Riddler!"



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