"The Mad Hatter Goes Straight!"

The Mad Hatter, disappoined that crime isn't giving him a kick anymore, reminisces about his youth, when he would fantasize about being a white-hatted sheriff or a plume-hatted cavalier, or wearing the hat of a Foreign Legionnaire. Since his fantasies were always about fighting on the side of law and order, the Hatter decides to give up crime and go straight. He begins by mimicking a cowboy-hatted sheriff on horseback, and stops two muggers from robbing Bruce Wayne and his date in the park. But his evil impulses get the better of him, and he robs the woman himself. Batman ties to capture him, but winds up knocking him into a passing truck. The Hatter reasons that choosing a hat too closely connected with the law may have stymied him. He begins anew, using more benign headwear. But in each case, his avaricious impulses win over, and he commits more thefts. Finally, Batman hatches a trap for the Mad Hatter, throwing a party at which Jason Bard announces his candidacy for district attorney--"throwing his hat into the ring." The Hatter crashes the party in a chef's hat, but Batman defeats and captures him. Later, Bruce Wayne restores his date's stolen necklace to her, pulling it out of a hansom cab driver's top hat like a magician.


"The Mad Hatter Goes Straight!"



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