"Back To the Big House"Edit

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"While the City Sleeps"Edit

Batman decides to educate Robin about the nocturnal workers who keep Gotham City functioning through the night, but as they wander the city streets the notice a man breaking into a building and putting something into a safe. It emerges that Joe Jones was returning money that he had stolen five days ago because he met a girl, Ann Dayton, who promised to marry him if he reformed and returned the money. Batman is prepared to give Jones another chance, but Hush-Hush Bodin and his gang, of which Jones was a member, appear in order to reclaim the money. A fight breaks out and Jones gets shot, allowing the gang to escape. Jones asks Batman and Robin to deliver the money to Ann while he is recovering in hospital.

When they meet Ann, a ballet dancer, who requests to speak to them in the prop department of the Gotham Hall Theatre. Batman notices that Ann walks slightly pigeon-toed - a ballet dancer would point her toes outward - and that they have walked into a trap. Hush-Hush's gang have been hiding in animal costumes and they chase Batman and Robin into an elevator pit. Robin slips and Batman is clubbed by Hush-Hush, who escapes with the money. When Batman and Robin come to, they discover that an elevator is coming down and about to crush them. Batman finds a rubber-handled screwdriver which he uses to short circuit the elevator, allowing him to escape.

As they are leaving the theatre, they hear a thumping coming from behind the door. The discover that the scrubwoman had been tied up and overheard Hush-Hush's conversation. He planned to get 'Ann' to make a radio request to Jones saying "I'm with H.H... Please come home..." Jones fell for the bait and struggled out of hospital to meet his girl at Hush-Hush's hideout. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin ran to the radio station to ask the DJ, Dan Shawn, about recent requests. Soon after Jones meets Hush-Hush's gang, Batman and Robin smash through the windows of the hideout. The story comes to it's conclusion as Batman, Robin and Jones win a fight with the gang and get hold of the money once again.

"Alias the Baron"Edit

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"Ally Babble and the Fourteen Peeves"Edit

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"While the City Sleeps!"Edit


  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Hush-Hush Bodin (Only appearance)
  • Ann Dayton (Only appearance)
  • Dan Shawn (Only appearance)
  • Joe Jones (Only appearance)


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