"Dr. Phosphorus is Back!"

After the twice-rebuilt Gotham Nuclear Reactor goes critical for ten minutes, Batman investigates, finds glowing footprints at the site, and deduces that Dr. Phosphorus is back. A group of protestors has gathered to demand that the plant be shut down as a safety hazard. Phosphorus, who has made the plant his new home, thinks otherwise. Meanwhile, Batgirl defeats Killer Moth in Washington, D.C., and comes to Gotham as Congresswoman Barbara Gordon to make a speech advocating the closing of the nuclear plant and the dismantlement of the nuclear power industry. Batman meets with her after checking on Rupert "Boss" Thorne at Arkham Asylum and failing to capture Dr. Phosphorus, who threatens to "reign over all!" Batman abruptly realizes that Phosphorus intends to seed clouds with irradiated material and rain fire on Gotham City. He and Batgirl track down Phosphorus at the airport where he is trying to commandeer a small plane. Batman smashes into the plane with his Batmobile and halts it, but is dazed. Batgirl is menaced by Phosphorus, but captures him by wrapping him up in Batman's radiation-proof cape and tying it up with a Batrope. Batman revives and finds the situation well in hand.


"Dr. Phosphorus is Back!"



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