"Once Beaten, Twice Sly!"

Batman and King Faraday trail Two-Face to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The double-faced dastard himself is admitting two men, one American and one Russian, into his hideout aboard a restored paddle-wheeler to negotiate for the binary defense code. He tells them to return later, with $22,000,000 apiece, and then he will decide who gets the code by flipping his coin. After the men leave, Batman and Faraday break in, but are trapped by laser defenses as Two-Face escapes. Batman makes a fire with a phosphorus capsule, and restaurant attendants break in to extinguish the blaze and free them. Tipped off by Two-Face's doodle of a crown on wheels, Batman deduces that their foe will hold court on a float in the Mardi Gras parade. Two-Face does so, receiving his two bidders, taking their $44,000,000, and flipping his coin—which he catches on edge. He activates jets in his chair and escapes to a blimp advertising Double Chew Gum. Batman and Faraday see him and manage to clamber aboard the blimp. Two-Face is about to stamp Batman's hands while the hero hangs from a hatch edge, but Batman insists he flip his coin first. Two-Face complies just as Faraday enters through a service hatch, fires, hits the spinning coin and knocks it through the hatch. Two-Face leaps after the coin, falls out of the blimp, and is lost to sight. Batman regrets Two-Face's loss, but tells Faraday that Two-Face took the code to the bottom of the lake with him, so Faraday should be happy. Faraday replies that he gave up the right to be happy when he took his job.


"Once Beaten, Twice Sly!"



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