"Chaos -- Coming and Going!"

Selina Kyle learns from Dr. Dundee that she is infected with a rare and fatal disease. The only cure for the malady was known to the ancient Egyptians, an herbal antidote. Selina attends an Egyptian museum exhibit and can barely restrain herself from theft when she sees urns full of ancient herbs along with cat-idols. In the meantime, Captain Boomerang has hit Gotham, and has made hits on the delivery trucks of the Gotham Guardian. His path crosses that of Batman, but Boomerang manages an escape. Batman has Lucius Fox investigate the Guardian's ownership, and finds it is owned by one of Gregorian Falstaff's front organizations. Captain Boomerang is busy attacking Falstaff in his penthouse, demanding Falstaff pay up. Boomerang had invested his retirement fund money in a stock which Falstaff had controlled and sold short, wiping out Boomerang's savings. But Batman arrives, and Captain Boomerang is forced to give battle, though he kayoes the hero with one of his weapons. Batman awakens to find himself tied to one of the giant boomerangs which had been used on the Flash, one equipped with rockets. The boomerang is sent aloft, but without Batman, who has burned off his bonds on the rockets' after-burners. When Boomerang tosses one of his boomerangs, he knocks it down with his own Batarang and wallops Boomerang himself. Back at the museum, a guard is assaulted by a cat-clawed person who carries off the urns from the Egyptian exhibit. The guard concludes that the Catwoman is on the prowl again.


"Chaos -- Coming and Going!"



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