"Don't Mess With Killer Croc!"

Killer Croc enters the Tobacconist Club and appoints himself the new head of the Gotham underworld, filling the void left by his murder of the Squid. Batman connects the bullet that killed the Squid to a prototype gun, of which only three were ever made and one of which is owned by an arms dealer in Gotham named Specs. From Specs, the Dark Knight learns of Croc and the fact that he lives in a deserted part of Gotham called “Hell’s Point”. Dick Grayson makes a connection between Croc and a protection racket being run on the Sloan Circus, thanks to information given to him by Trina Todd. As Croc steals a high tech computer for the members of the Tobacconist Club, Batman waits for the criminal at his home. Enraged with Batman’s appearance in his home, Croc destroys the building and escapes the Dark Knight.


"Don't Mess With Killer Croc!"




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