"Calling Dr. Batman"

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"Hollywood Hoax"

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"The Joker Follows Suit"

This story begins with The Joker planning to copy of all Batman's equipment. He even sends out all mini Joker signals in case criminals need help with escapes, or so he can help them plan their next job. One customer asks for a good robbery, Joker gives him a jewelry store, where one of them gets shot. They use the Joker signal and Joker uses the Jokermobile a large vehicle with a dome on the back and front (there's a machine gun on the back) to pick them up. Joker even helps the wounded robber. He also gives them a new job.

As the criminals rob a museum Batman and Robin intervene and nearly catch the crooks if it wasn't for the Joker picking them up in the jokerplane. As Joker gives them the latest job Batman and Robin stop them and use the Batmobile to chase the Jokermobile. Soon Joker ambushes them and freezes them in his liar which is ironically an abandoned firestation. Joker soon takes the Batmobile to wreak more havoc. However the Dynamic Duo escape and use the Jokermobile to stop Joker. Batman leaps from the clown's car to his own, risking his life. Soon Joker hops out of the Batmobile and lands opon a train (they were on a bridge). Batman also hops on the train where Joker tries to use a pole as a weapon but Batman uses it to knock him off the train. As Joker falls Batman jumps off and gives Joker a punch allowing Joker not to fall to his death. They laugh at Joker who states "it isn't funny" at the end he is sent back to prison, Batman and Robin then talk about the Joker saying if he escapes again they'll stop him.




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