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"Ten Nights of the Beast, Part Two"[]

Another couple is found dead at the hands of the KGBeast, an important mathematician and her boyfriend, who had opened their morning Orange Juice bottle to find it had been replaced with an identical container of nerve gas. Although the entire Anti-KGBeast task force attends a banquet being held for the next victim to insure his safety, the KGBeast has Salari poison all of the banquet's food, and 80 people are killed, including the presidential advisor on the SDI program. Although Batman gives chase, and manages to get on top of their car, the two terrorists simply point it at a school bus and bail out, forcing Batman to save the lives of the children while they escape. Batman begins to believe the KGBeast has a mole in their organization, and suspects mainly either mysterious Agent Yevtushenko of the KGB, or the boisterous and seemingly incompetent Agent Parker of the FBI. After the KGBeast blows up the hotel room of a "Senator Dayle" (which had actually only contained dummies) with a rocket launcher, Batman catches up to him again. They fight across the rooftops of Gotham City, and although Batman sticks him with "enough dope to put out any two normal men his size," the KGBeast not only sticks a knife deep in his forearm, but nearly kills him before escaping. Batman begins to worry that he may have finally met someone better at what he does than he is.


"Ten Nights of the Beast, Part Two"[]


  • Batman
  • Robin
  • James Gordon
  • KGBeast
  • Ralph Bundy
  • Nabih Salari
  • KGB Agent Andrei Yevtushenko
  • Agent Keith Parker
  • John Kahill (Only appearance)
  • Silvia Burrows (Only appearance)
  • Ben Wilder (Only appearance)