"Ten Nights of the Beast, Part Three"

The KGBeast blows up a commercial airline plane with both Ralph Bundy, and the influential "General Ridwell" aboard. Batman and Commissioner Gordon continue to suspect Agent Keith Parker of giving information to the Beast. After the next man on the list, a Congressman, is murdered with an exploding doorknob, Batman, Gordon and Parker find themselves trapped in an elevator with the KGBeast raining death from above. Batman manages to climb up the shaft while the Beast is distracted by several police officers (whom he slaughters), and gives the Beast chase. Although it is an immensely difficult pursuit, the Dark Knight eventually manages to trap him when the Batline wraps around the Beast's arm, with Batman himself dangling from a rooftop as the counterweight. However, rather than be caught, the KGBeast actually cuts off his own hand with an axe and escapes. Later that night, Ralph Bundy returns, revealing he had covertly switched to a train, and actually escorted the General to safety. It is revealed that the final target on the Beast's list is none other than the President himself, Ronald Reagan. The KGBeast is seen visiting a local Gotham City weaponsmith, "Ambrose Dearling." He commissions a special new gun to replace his hand with.


"Ten Nights of the Beast, Part Three"




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