"The Fowls of Fate!"

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"The 1,000 Secrets of the Batcave!"

This story starts with a murderer named Van Wolf esacping from prison. He beats a doctor on route to a heart attack and steals his car. As he's driving he rams towards a motorcycle officer and murders him. On foot he breaks into Wayne Manor and hits Dick Grayson with a gun knocking the boy out. He soon discovers the Batcave! Meanwhile Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne talk at the police headquarters and learn of this they travel to Wayne Manor. Bruce sneaks in pass security and finds Dick waking up. Bruce gets dressed as Batman and goes to investigate. They go into the Batcave where they see Van Wolf gloating over knowing their idenitities. There he attempts to murder them but fails. Robin soon dresses up feeling if its his last case he wants it wearing his suit.

They go around the Batcave where Van Wolf attempts to murder them with one of The Penguin's trick embrellas but they survive. Soon Van Wolf tries again with the Penny Plunderer's giant penny but still fails. Van Wolf attempts to escape into the Gotham Bay by using a raft used from an previous case. But the bats in the cave scare him and he dies with Batman and Robin's secret with him. His body was later turned up in the bay.

"Crime From Tomorrow!"

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