"Killer's Bane"Edit

Following the flood that has flushed him out of the sewer systems for the past six months, the villain known as Killer Croc has taken to living in the Gotham City alleyways. He is tormented by visions of his past, calling to mind hurtful incidents where his peers would routinely mock him about his physical features. In combination with his natural, instinctive rage, Croc's emotional state erupts into a wave of violence and he begins going berserk through the city streets. News crews capture his latest rampage, as he begins terrorizing the district known as Eden Park.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne visits unorthodox Doctor Shondra Kinsolving at the botanical gardens. He is concerned about his recent anxiety attacks and his inability to relax, despite a constant state of fatigue. Shondra suggests that his physical fatigue may be psychological in nature, and provides him with a supply of sedatives. After returning home, Bruce takes the sedatives and falls asleep.

From his penthouse apartment, Bane and his cohorts witness Killer Croc's frenzy on the television. Bird tells Bane that Croc is a powerful foe who nearly defeated the Batman on several occasions. Bane elects to face Croc on his own – as a stepping-stone towards his ultimate battle with the Dark Knight Detective.

Back at Wayne Manor, Tim and Alfred watch the same news broadcast of Croc's rampage. Tim knows that Bruce is incapable of action right now, so instead he recruits Jean-Paul Valley. He gives him a spare Batman costume and tells him that he must face Killer Croc.

The two heroes encounter Croc at the Eden Park Mall. Jean-Paul puts up a strong front, but he doesn't have Batman's physical prowess to rely upon. Killer Croc easily tosses him about, and not even Robin can sufficiently slow down Croc's attack. Suddenly, Bane arrives and interrupts the fight, pouncing on Croc, breaking both arms and tossing him into a wall. He turns towards Jean-Paul and instantly realizes that he is not the true Batman. He pledges to return once the real Batman is prepared to face him.


"Killer's Bane"Edit




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