"The Prison Doctor!"

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"The Scoop of the Century!"

Vicki Vale, an attractive reporter, is on a party boat with Bruce Wayne.Then suddenly robbers board and their leader, a small man named The Mad Hatter, steals a vase. During the robbery Wayne sneaks off to don his Batman suit. He returns as his alterego to fight the criminals but they escape. People are left to wonder where Bruce went and how Batman was able to get there so quickly. On the next date the two go to a horse race, but again it is robbed by the Mad Hatter. Batman shows up and fights them but they manage to escape yet again. This leads Vicki to believe that Bruce must be Batman. Later, she, Commissioner Gordon, Batman and Robin meet on the police building where Vicki is able to convince the duo to let her follow them which they allow when they let her into the Batcave. She later puts a special potion on one of Batman's gloves which will show up later for Bruce Wayne and Vicki's next date confirming he's Batman. Batman later figures out where Hatter's hideout is and defeats them. Vicki is able to get photos of his arrest. Later on Bruce Wayne's date he arrives with the potion on both hands. This defeats Vicki's theory as she only put some on one. Bruce lies saying he put some on by accident when he was doing something with a plant. Later at the cave he tells Robin he knew Vicki put the dust on his glove and so he put some one his other. He notes that Vicki is clever. Meanwhile, at Vicki's house she wonders if Bruce could have put it in his other hand as well to throw her off.

"Batman's Arabian Nights!"

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