"Return of the Bat"

Bruce Wayne, Nightwing, and Robin confront Jean-Paul Valley outside Selkirk's penthouse. Jean-Paul, suffering delusions of his father tells Bruce to leave. Bruce calls Jean-Paul on the deaths of Abattoir, Graham Etchinson, and the system of the Order of St. Dumas. Jean-Paul tells Bruce he'll have to defeat him if he wants the mantle of the bat back and attacks Bruce.

With the distraction of the Batmen fighting, Selkirk orders his men to kill Catwoman while he escapes by helicopter. Catwoman evades the men and goes after Selkirk, while Nightwing and Robin take out Selkirk's other guards downstairs. Jim Gordon and Armand Krol are in the mayor's office, arguing about the recent methods of the Batman, when Gordon gets a phone call about the scene at Selkirk's.

Selkirk is able to get on the helicopter with Catwoman hot on his trail. He tells the pilot to swing around to the terrace side of the building, so as to blow away both Batmen with a heavy duty machine gun. Catwoman, using her bola to get on the moving helicopter, quickly disarms Selkirk. Bruce uses Jean-Paul's grapple to get hold of the helicopter, taking them off the terrace and spinning dangerously out of control, heading straight for the bridge crossing the river!


"Return of the Bat"




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