"Fast Train to the Wet Dark"

Killer Croc wanders into the town of Houma, Louisiana. He bursts into a diner and begins shouting at the staff, wanting to know where he can find the "wet dark". A frightened cook points him in the direction of the swamp. Upon finally reaching his destination, Killer Croc enjoys a moment of peace. Batman meanwhile, continues tracking Killer Croc's movements. He listens in as the diner staff tell the tale of their encounter to the local sheriff. Batman then arranges transport and takes a skiff into the swamps.

Upon finding Croc, the two begin fighting one another. Croc is clearly stronger than he has been in previous encounters and he easily withstands Batman's blows. Suddenly, the Swamp Thing appears before them and incapacitates Batman. He sets Killer Croc free and allows him to lumber off into the swamp. Batman cannot understand why the Swamp Thing would aid such a savage killer. The Swamp Thing reveals that Croc's devolution has caused a disturbance in the Green. He is no longer a hardened killer, but rather, he is a predatory animal who longs for nothing more than food, shelter and sleep. He tells Batman that Killer Croc will be content living in the swamps, but should his actions ever imperil mankind again, then he will be the first to bring it to Batman's attention. Batman is unsatisfied with the outcome of this matter, but is unable to do anything about it. Reluctantly, he leaves Killer Croc in the Swamp Thing's care.


"Fast Train to the Wet Dark"




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