"The Man Who Replaced Batman"

The issue begins with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson taking a short vacation on a cruise ship. Meanwhile, Floyd Lawton is showing off his accuracy to a man named Stevens. Lawton sets out to debut as Deadshot, the crimefighter. Deadshot uses non-lethal shots to scare and capture criminals. After a few days, Gordon officially recognizes Deadshot as a crimefighter, and even makes him his own version of the Bat-Signal. Upon returning from vacation, Gordon fills Batman in on the situation. Batman and Robin suspect Deadshot isn't all he says he is. They investigate and uncover his identity. As they spy on him, they hear his conversation with Stevens, in which they say that Lawton''s dream is to rule the city as a crime lord after Batman is done. Batman confronts him, but Lawton reveals he plans to kill Batman, and that any attempt to tell Gordon about the confrontation would only make Batman look jealous. The next day at the police station, Batman and Robin eavesdrop on Deadshot's phone call, in which he tells Steven to tell a third man of the perfect time to rob a bank, as the police will be distracted elsewhere. Batman tells Gordon, and they go to the bank instead, but it is never robbed. Deadshot reveals to Batman that it was a trick to discredit him. The next day, Batman and Deadshot go out on what turns out to be a wild goose chase at a water front. Deadshot takes the opportunity to try and kill Batman, reasoning that "everyone misses eventually" and explaining that it'll look like an accident. However, as he's never shot to kill before, his hands shake and he misses Batman repeatedly. Lawton has a breakdown and confesses to Gordon. Afterwards, Batman reveals that he had changes the sights on Lawton's guns so as to destroy his confidence and defeat him psychologically.

"The Forbidden Cellar!"

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"Batman In the Future!"

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