"The Clown at Midnight"Edit

Now, recovering from the gunshot wound to his face, a surgically acquired smile constantly scarred across his face, the Joker prepares to unveil his newest Self at the stroke of midnight and he hopes to have the Dark Knight in attendance.

Going undercover as Doctor Wisakedjak, Harley receives orders from the Joker to wipe out his old associates to start anew. Delivering red and black roses to former henchmen that begin to emit poisonous Joker toxin when combined, Harley succeeds in killing several of Joker's former hanger-ons before Batman intervenes. Arriving in time to save the life of Sheeba, the deformed dwarf from Joker's attempt to drive Commissioner Gordon insane, Batman tries to convince Harley that the person responsible for shooting the Joker was not him but she won't hear of it.

Unfortunately, Harley discovers the hard way that she too is considered part of the old crowd by this newly birthed Joker persona. After the Joker cuts a bloody swath through Arkham, she can only stand in awe as she stares at the perfection that has evolved from "Mistah Jay".

Batman arrives by midnight as part of the plan but he was only intended to be the audience for this final act of murder. Before the "boogieman of the new millennium" can kill his former love, Batman steps in and the two duke it out. Eventually, a broken hearted Harley shoots Joker through the shoulder, allowing Batman to gain the upper hand and drag Joker back to his cell.


"The Clown at Midnight"Edit



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