"Space Medicine"

The media is abuzz with rumors of a wedding between Bruce Wayne and Jezebel Jet. Could Bruce be taking Alfred's previous advice to live as Bruce Wayne a little too seriously? He certain feels a strong connection to the woman what with their similar backgrounds and says he could see himself spending the rest of his life with her. While Bruce cannot refute the rumors, Bruce promises to be careful and then heads out on a sky diving date with Jezebel - a date that is soon interrupted by the Bat-Signal.

At 7:35 last night, the Bat-Signal went on inside the mind of Officer Lane, effectively awakening the Third Batman. He bursts into the Gotham Police Department demanding to speak with the former Commissioner Vane. Like the other Batman imposters, this Third Batman is also a former police officer and the GCPD seek out the third Batman's friend, Officer Farelli. Gordon meanwhile is in the middle of a conversation with the Mayer about Batman when he hears the ruckus. Grabbing his sidearm he makes his way towards the bullpen.

The Third Batman has used his flame thrower to ignite the Gotham PD and is holding his supposed friend Farelli at gunpoint. Clutching his GCPD badge, Third Batman demands once more to speak with Vane. Since Vane is no longer Commissioner (and hasn't been for a long time) - Gordon negotiates with the man to allow him to be taken instead.

Asking Gordon if he believes in the Devil while holding the barrel of the flame thrower in Gordon's mouth, the Third Batman takes Jim to the roof. Meanwhile, Bruce tells Alfred to lie to Jezebel and say that his parachute was misdirected and he lands on the GCPD roof as Batman just in time to save Gordon. Batman finds out quickly that this third imposter is very well trained as he quickly gets the upper-hand. Caught off guard, Batman is shot in the chest by one of the explosive rounds in the Batman's flame thrower pistol.

Bruce's heart begins to stop and as he falls, his mind is triggered into a hallucinatory state similar to his experiences in an isolation chamber long ago. Batman's heart is stopped but there is still five minutes before brain death occurs and Bruce has quite a mental journey ahead of him. Luckily his old chum Bat-Mite arrives on the scene.


"Space Medicine"



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