"Hear No Evil"

In Devil’s Square, Dick and Damian chase down Kitrina Falcone, who is operating as Catgirl, chasing down Reaper for the federal bounty on his head. Telling Reaper that Kitrina is just “Young… and stupid,” Dick demands that he leaves her out of this. But in some twisted sense of Justice, Reaper claims to be on his own crusade to wipe the city clean, and it starts with their sacrifice. In a “Bruce move” Dick shoots reaper with his grappling gun, finishing him off acrobatically with a “Grayson finish.”

Dick asks Damian Wayne to find Kitrina, but as he points out, she’s gone already. Above the Dynamic Duo, Bruce calls to Dick for a talk. Bruce wants Catgirl gone, so does Dick who tries to tell Bruce that Selina has said all this stuff about her not training her and so on. Bruce interrupts Dick to remind him that he runs the city, not Selina, deal with Catgirl. Meanwhile, Dick Grayson finds out that there is a new, dangerous Chinese triad in downtown of Gotham.

At a Gotham Social event, Selina Kyle is flirting with a timid little man as Dick Grayson calls her out. Leaving the man, Selina asks Dick why he’s following her. Dick tells her he wants to speak with Kitrina, but Selina tells him she left. Dick decides to finally call Selina out on her bullshit telling her to take “Catgirl” out of commission, informing her she almost got killed by reaper simply for a bounty. Selina says she will if Dick agrees to do the same with his “brat.” Dick continues to try and reason with her to no avail. Before he leaves, he tells her he’ll be around “Count on it.” With Dick leaving, a hiding Kitrina asks Selina who that was. Selina simply says someone she should avoid at all costs. When Dick tries to find clues, he is ambushed by the triad and meets a dead enemy who came back to life, the Sensei!


"Hear No Evil"



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