Mario Falcone is in his mansion, enraged about Two Face killing another one of his men, but a mysterious woman calms him down, asking him to do things her way. Early that night, Dick goes to meet with one of the Falcones who won’t necessarily try and shoot him at first site, Kitrina. He once again tries to get her to leave Gotham, and head to a boarding school for girls, saying she has the opportunity to have a normal life. Kitrina is defiant, but Selina, who shows up on the roof, agrees with Dick. Feeling betrayed by her short lived mentor, Kitrina leaves Dick and Selina, heading off on her own. A sleeping Two Face is woken up in his ratty apartment by the ringing of his phone. He goes to get his gun, but finds a note near it, telling him to answer his phone, and showing a picture his coin. Two Face looks out his window to notice a body in the phone booth outside his apartment, goes down to confront them, sees they have a gun, and shoots the person in the booth. He soon finds out that the person was already dead, and taped up with a gun pointed. Harvey picks up the phone to demand who did this, and a voice greets him, with gas coming out of the phone, knocking him out.

On the search for Two Face, Dick bursts into the club where his new found men congregate, he weeds out the leader, demanding to know where Two Face is, but it’s too late, as he’s been taken captive. Two Face wakes up to see Mario Falcone, with his coin, over him. Two Face instantly goes into a fit, telling Mario he is a disgrace to his own family, not even comprable to his father. Mario starts stomping on Two Face, telling him he has his life, his money, and something else. The mysterious woman stops him, Two Face is shocked, unable to believe what he’s seeing. The woman pulls out a gun, telling Mario that he promised she would be able to “do it.” As she wishes Harvey, a happy anniversary, Gilda Dent, his wife, shoots Harvey multiple times.






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