"Gilded Lily"

Dick wakes up sometime later, to Alfred giving him some pain medication. Damian was able to get him in the batmobile, but there was no sign of Two-Face or Gilda Dent. Dick decides to contact Catwoman, to see if she can find out anything on the street, but before he does, Alfred gives him a letter that was dropped off by Kitrina Falcone, telling him she’s decided to go to the school he offered.

At a construction site, Mario Falcone and Gilda are waiting supposedly to sell off the Jade Compass Society’s secrets, but Mario is on edge, as he should be, because soon they are under siege by Two Face’s men. Mario tries to escape with Gilda, threatening to kill her for setting him up, but she denies it all. With a gun to Gilda’s head, Mario is shot three times in the back by Two Face, with Dick showing up shortly after that.

Riddler storming the Mario Falcone's mansion, with Enigma and his men already inside shooting up the place. Riddler walks casually in blasting people with a shotgun, as he tells Enigma to start tearing the place up. After Batman fights with both Two-Face and Gilda Dent, they disappear. Elsewhere, in the Falcone mansion, Enigma is angry that there are no riches, but Riddler has found what he wants, and that’s links to his past, which he still can’t fully remember. Enigma doesn’t get it, so the Riddler beats her. She screams during the beaten and it is possible that he beat her to death.


"Gilded Lily"




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