"In Storybook Endings"

In Damian Wayne's point of view, he writes down everything that he knows of what happened to the Bat family. He spent glossing over the major beats of Batman's lengthy careers. A young boy watches his parents murdered in front of him. This prompts him to dedicate his life to fighting crime so that no one else suffers the same loss. That boy grows into a man and he decides to use the image of a bat to strike fear into the criminal element of Gotham City as Batman. The story goes on to tell how Batman meets a young circus performer who has also suffered the loss of his parents. Batman trains the boy and takes him on as his protege Robin. They become partners and eventually friends. Robin serves as the balance of light to Batman’s dark side. The duo worked perfectly together in unison. But eventually every boy must grow into a man.

Robin grows up and realizes that he must leave Batman to venture out on his own to find his own path. He reinvents himself as Nightwing, and although he was trained by Batman, develops his own style of crime fighting. A style that his mentor doesn’t always agree with. Now Batman is lost without his partner and grows dark and distant, unlike Nightwing who adopts a more caring nature for people than his mentor did. Batman soon finds another lost youth to take on the role of Robin, but ends in tragedy and he finds himself lost in the darkness once again. A third and more promising young man figures out Batman and Nightwing’s secret identities and assumes the role of Robin to help Batman ease the guilt he feels over his failure with the previous partner. Batman soon realizes that his proteges along with a son he never knew about have turned into an extended family, each one searching for guidance and acceptance from him.

Then Batman is tragically taken away from his family, lost without his guidance the young heroes do the only thing left open to them. They honor him by carrying on his legacy and Nightwing assumes the mantle of Batman, taking Batman’s son as the new Robin. But this Robin is headstrong and willful. He resents this new Batman giving him orders and daring to assume he could ever replace his father. Just like the original dynamic duo, this new Batman and Robin soon grow to trust and even respect one another. When the real Batman miraculously returns to them, they receive the greatest give they could ever hope to receive from him, his approval. With his blessing they continue on as Batman and Robin, the dynamic duo, partners, friends, family.


"In Storybook Endings"




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