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This is the comic book adaptation illustrated by Steve Erwin, based on the 1992 motion picture. It has been reprinted only once in Batman: The Movies trade paperback collection. In 2019 the artwork was re-colored and given standalone release digitally, the only sequel to be given this treatment so far.

The 1992 prestige format printing features a fully painted cover by Dave Dorman.


"In Batman Returns, Batman is faced with two powerful adversaries: The Penguin, a deformed maniac bent on taking over Gotham City and Catwoman, a sexy thief who steals the heart of the Dark Knight."


Differences from the Movie[]

  • Erwin draws Wayne Manor to resemble the Knebworth House from the fist movie rather than the new estate Marty Kline designed for Returns.
  • When Max Shreck shoves Selina Kyle out the window, the full extened version of the scene is included where it is revealed Chip has witnessed the attempted murder and helps his father create a cover story. The alley cats also only gather around Selina and do not bite at her or break skin.
  • The Female Victim is depicted as a blonde, and the Longhaired Mugger instead bears a strong resemblance to Nick from the first movie, with a ballcap rather than long har.
  • The deleted scene in Shreck's office where Bruce Wayne notices the shattered window is included. This is the only time Bruce and Selina see eachother socially until the Maxquerade Ball.
  • The deleted scene with Fat Clown calling Peguin in his office by phone is included, giving him updates on the gang's riot.
  • Thin Clown's Bomb is thrown into an open sewer and where it detonates safely. Tattooed Strongman and the Knifethrower Dame are knocked out by the Super-Batarang.
  • A deleted moment from an extended version of the costume removal in the Batcave scene is present, but Bruce refers to Catwoman as a "witch" rather than "bitch" as another from of censorship. Bruce is also shown shirtless and bandaged with his cowl removed.
  • Batman is shown using his Communicator to shield-up the parked Batmobile.
    Shields off
  • Batman uses the Spring-Action Reel to get to the next rooftop, but is shown using the Zip-Line Grapple while crashing through the windows of the room where the Ice Princess is bound, creating a continuity discrepancy. Shattering the window, rather being shown simply walking through a door was from the original Daniel Waters script, satirizing and subverting the cliche imagery of Batman crashing through the skylight to save a blonde damsel in distress by having him fail instead. But there are no photographers waiting in the shadows to photograph him with the bound beauty queen and the rest of the frameup plays out as it did in Wesley Strick's shooting script.
  • When Batman escapes with his transforming glider cape, he crash lands into a pile of garbage at the alleyway instead of somersaulting upon touchdown and casually walking toward his car like in the movie.
  • Penguin uses an ordinary computer console in his Campaign Trailer to hijack the Batmobile remotely, instead of a repurposed Bat O' Ride. The artwork with the computer console also appears in the coloring and activity books.
  • The extended Batmobile rampage is included, where Penguin activates the revolving jack device to make the car aimlessly spin about while the GCPD fire upon it. However Peguin does not use the Batmobile gadgets to harm any citizens or patrolmen.
  • The deleted scene with Alfred and Gordon exchanging dialogue at Maxquerade Ball is included.
  • A full body shot of Batman on top of the Circus Train, sneaking up on the Organ Grinder is shown. There is also a loud onamonapia drawn of Batman beginning to physically assault him after lifting him up.
  • The full Batskiboat cockpit and controls are shown, very accurately to the original conceptual illustrations by Jacques Rey.
  • Throughout the entirety of the book colorist Tom McCraw adds no shadowing effect around the eyes of Batman's cowl, rather than just at the end scene like in the movie. Also unlike the display cowls shown in the movie, which are attached by sealing down the shoulder scallops by unknown means off-camera, the cowl in the comic is implied to have an invisible seamline where it can be detached beneath the chin, as Erwin depicts it with a clean break without any severe tearing. This could also be interpreted as a rushed drawing lacking detail, likely due to Erwin not having any photo references of the scene.
  • Shreck shoots Batman while his cowl is still on, the bullet graze is what causes the damage to his cheek rather than Catwoman's claws. Bruce instead removes his cowl with both hands while Selina stands with her back toward him, never looking back as she kills Shreck with the generator's transformer.
  • The extended ending scene with the power going out all over Gotham is included. The Mayor ponders if Batman will ever forgive the city with Commissioner Gordon reassuring that Batman will always aid the city in the future no matter what.
  • When Bruce finds Miss Kitty in the alley he is still wearing the Batsuit beneath his trenchcoat, implying that Alfred had picked him up at the destroyed zoo grounds and the masquerade ball had taken place on Christmas Eve. The invitation prop in the film says the ball was held on the 21st of December, meaning the final scene in the movie is a time-skip to Christmas Night nearly a week later.