A Batman Returns game was released for the Atari Lynx handheld in the summer of 1992. A special bundle release of the Atari Lynx II came with a copy of the game in Returns branded packaging.


Level 1: Red Triangle Circus Gang

Location:Gotham Plaza, enemies encountered: Thin Clowns, Circus Strongmen, Skull Head Cyclists, Knifethrower Dames followed by a battle with the Penguin in his Duck Vehicle.

Level 2: Batman Confronts Authorities

Location: Rooftops, enemies encountered: GCPD Officers, Knifethrower Dames and Circus Strongmen followed by a battle with Catwoman.

Level 3: Beneath Gotham City

Location: Sewers, after emerging from the Batskiboat. Enemies encountered: Penguin Commandos, Circus Strongmen, Knifethrower Dames, Thin Clowns as well as toxic waste hazards.

Level 4: Batman Discovers Arctic World

Location: Arctic World pavilion in the Old Zoo. Enemies encountered: Thin Clowns and Penguin Commandos, followed by a battle with the Penguin next to his hazardous generator, with Max Shreck watching from his cage.


The game was produced by John Skruch, with main programers Jerome Starch and Eric Ginner.


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