By pressing their backs together, Batman and Robin are able to inch their way up to the top of the chimney in which the Joker has imprisoned them. Back at the Batcave, the Dynamic Duo analyse the gas used in the Maharajah of Nimpah’s kidnapping, and determine that it can only be obtained from the Ferguson Novelty and Magician's Supply Company. Visiting the novelty company as Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson, they confirm that it is the Joker’s hideout, and that the Maharajah is being held there. Changing into their costumes, the Dynamic Duo burst in and overpower several of the Joker's henchmen, but the Clown Prince himself manages to escape with the Maharajah in his clutches; he then telephones Commissioner Gordon and Batman and demands a $500,000 ransom, insists that the Caped Crusader make the arrangements, and be present when the Maharajah cashes the cheque, and also endorse the cheque in his name at the Gotham City State Bank the next morning - an act that will irreparably damage the crimefighter’s reputation as a result. The Caped Crusader is forced to agree, but he knows the Maharajah’s secret…




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