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The Manual of Style is the writing and guides for the Batman Wiki pages. This is to advise use on the writing of articles and pages, the display and stylization of information, and general dos and don'ts.

Titles and Headings


Titles should be use the character/object's official name. For example, we refer to Bruce Wayne/Batman as "Batman" because short and its the character's most consistent reference. If there are multiple objects called Batman, we'll place brackets and a unique identifier to ensure easy discovery.

However, we will use characters' full names if they do not use an identity. For example, Commissioner Gordon is "James Gordon", as that's his full name in the comics and most other media. If a character's full name is unknown, we'd recommend just referring to them as either their forename or surname, depending on what was revealed.

If a character has used multiple aliases, use their name. For example, Dick Grayson has used the identities "Robin", "Nightwing" and "Batman" over the time in the comics. However, to keep things simple, we'll refer to him as "Dick Grayson".

If the character is from another continuity, we'd use either their original universe or the form of media they appeared inside brackets. For example, the Batman from Batman: The Animated Series is referred to as "Batman (DC Animated Universe)", as that's the designation give to it.

We will use actor names or the piece of work they first appeared in if its not been allocated. It also helps navigation when we rename them. If its a film or television show, we'll use the main director/producer for the title. For example, Batman from The Batman animated series is referred to as "Batman (Matsudaverse)", as the main producer and creator in that universe was Jeff Matsuda.


The generally used section headings are described below. However, if we need to break them down further, we'll use either major changes or events to break down the page. For example, Batman's history/biography can be broken down into the different eras in comics, such as the "Golden Age" (1939-1955), "Silver Age" (1956-1969), "Bronze Age" (1970-1986), "Modern/Dark Age" (1987-1999), etc. If its a character not from the comics, we'll use headings based on media appearances and/or events from them.

Article Bodies

We encourage users to write bodies for pages when they are added. Blank pages might be quicker and easier, but there's still a lot of work users must do. Writing isn't hard and we'd use sentences to describe what the page is about, any noteworthy info, history, uses, etc.


There are two forms of links available on Fandom's wikis: One to pages on the Wiki and those to external websites. The former can be placed by placing double square brackets around objects ([[]]). To create a mask, place a | after the link and write what you want (for example, [[Batman (1989 film)|''Batman'']] creates Batman). If you want to link to an another Fandom Wiki's page, we recommend you use [[w:c:(wiki name):(page name)|(mask)]]

If you want to link to an external website, we recommend posting it at the bottom of an article.


We'd ideally like images to be either photographs and screenshots from official media and press releases. Scans of comics are fine, but you'll need to add a source of where it came from. These also include websites and/or what the image originally came from. Screenshots of behind the scene is allowed, as are scans of comic panels or screenshots from games. Fan art is generally discouraged, as we'd prefer to use images from official Batman media.

Photomode captures and images of styles are also not allowed. They only offer cosmetic views and don't contribute much to the page (like the Telltale Batman's Shadows Mode). We'll allow a screenshot or two, but only if they add something to the pages. We also discourage images that either feed into "certain interests" or show something that the page already has.

Some images might also exist on the Wiki prior, which results in duplicate images. We'll delete images if we believe them to be duplicates of existing images or if they do not abide by policies. If you are to add images to a page, we'd strongly recommend adding them to either a relevant section on a page or their gallery sections/sub-pages.

Image Naming

When you are adding an image, we'd like to be able to find it on the wiki. For example, adding an image of a batarang and calling it "Batarang" would be preferred, as we'll be able to find for future usage. However, this may clash with an existing image, so we'd recommend calling something like "Batarang Detective Comics 31" or "Batarang 1989 movie". You can use numbers and brackets if you need to.


Templates can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as showing concise information, making navigation easier, and making general notices for the reader.

Infoboxes are used to show information at the top of the page and we strongly recommend including them on the page, whether it be for a a character, object or item, actor or cast member, comic series, comic issue, film or movie, TV show, or video game. We will use special variants of these if need by, like characters from a TV show or film. However, we will not allow these for specificially one use or page, as it can be replicated within other templates or moved.

Notices can be used to let users know something important about the page. Some of these can also be used to let others now more work is needed on pages, such as stub, construction, or if nominated it for deletion.

A category containing our existing templates can be found here. We'd strongly recommend checking it out before add an existing template to avoid duplicate ones.


Categories allows us to find and navigate the wiki easier. It also helps bind pages that are linked via . We encourage to use as few categories as possible and only use them when neccessary. To prevent some from becoming overfull or overcluttered, we'll also use sub-categories. For example, there are main villains in DC comics and media, so we'll place enemies from film into their own category. However, that can also get excessive, so we can split that into other sub-categories for certain films' villains. For example, villains from 1989's Batman will go into another category for that.

A full list of our existing categories are here. A Category Tree be viewed here.

Writing Style


Capital letters must be used at the start of sentences or the beginning of names. They can also be used in page names to dictate the beginning of a new word. Capitalization of "The" can be used to if at the start of a sentence or if beginning a title. For example: Batman: The Brave and the Bold. We discourage the capitalization of "the" in the middle or end of sentences. If a link is capital sensitive, use a link mask to hide it (see above).

The Three Cs

The best way to write wikis are to be:

  • Clear: Do not remain ambiguous about information. Start with the facts and work from there. Make sure the information that is essential or describes clearly what happened. Please also make sure what your writing makes sense to other users.
  • Consistent: Sentences can flow from one fact to another. Make sure the information flows from one point to another without it being too jarring. However, a times its best to split up info into multiple sentences or combine them.
  • Concise: Being descriptive can help information, but it can also eat up page data and cause them to take longer loading times. Make sure the information your including helps the page and doesn't make sentences excessive. Also, don't be afraid to rewrite something you feel is excessive or too detailed.

Citations and Referencing

We will encourage user to provide citations and references on information. If you are going to add a reference, please use reference markers (<ref></ref>). A references section must also be present at the bottom of the page with the Reflist template. Certain template (like Cite) can be used to add or mark sources for information. If not, both will be removed until a proper source and be found. If you want to refer to a wiki page, you can place the link within the references.

If Batman Wiki staff ask for a reference or citation, please provide it within a day or mark a site to check out. If it provides the necessary information, both the reference and citation will be kept.


We are unbiased. We do not regard Batman to be the greatest or worst superhero of all time. Likewise, we do not place the character in such importance to the DC Universe or make claims to reflect our own opinions. Users are discouraged to add personal bias into pages. If bias is to be added, it should reflect general views, such as The Dark Knight being one of the best regarded films featuring Batman. It should also be placed in a "Reception" section on the page. If bias is added, it will be challenged or changed to reflect general opinion from both Bat-Fans and the general public.


We will strictly not tolerate plagiarism or coping work from other wikis or sources. We strongly encourage users to use their own words rather than take content from other pages, regardless of whether they are associated with Fandom. If the page is discovered to have been directly copied from an existing wiki, we will ask you to rewrite the page within 72 hours lest the copied information will be removed. Repeated plagiarism offences may result in further action, including a possible block.