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"Batman: Reborn, Part Two: The Circus of Strange"[]

Batman and Robin-2 Cover-3

Batman and Robin Issue #2 Cover-3

Dick Grayson explains his first night as Batman to Alfred, a night terribly gone wrong. When the Circus of Strange broke in to rescue Mister Toad, Robin tortured a single member and left Batman to fight the last four of them. There were four cops killed and six seriously injured. After the battle, Toad was found dead in his cell holding a domino block. Because of this, the police are starting to see the New Batman as just another psycho Batman impersonator. After scolding Damian for his reckless display, the boy leaves, claiming he will find a teacher he respects and then rides off on the Batcycle. Alfred explains to Dick that he shouldn't see the cowl as a memorial, but as a performance. He explained that he will never be or think as the original Batman, but he can at least act like him. Following Alfred's advice, Batman plans to go to the police station first to clean up that mess, and then he plans to find Damian. Damian himself has found the Wooden Gallopers where Pyg is hiding. But even as a trained assassin he is attacked and captured by Pyg's "dolls".


Batman: Reborn, Part Two: The Circus of Strange[]






  • First modern appearance of the Bat-Quad, an upgraded version of the Batcycle. A previous iteration of this vehicle was seen in the four-issue limited series, Batman: The Cult.