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"Revenge of the Red Hood, Part 3: Flamingo is Here"[]

Batman and Robin-6 Cover-2

Batman and Robin Issue #6 Cover-2

Inside Oberon Sexton's room at the Gotham Grand Hotel a blanket of old photographs and news clippings cover his bed. One such news clipping reading "Gruesome Slaying of Beloved Cardinal" refers of course to the murder of Cardinal Maggi, late member of the Black Glove. The faceless detective is hard at work pursuing his elusive serial killer when suddenly his phone rings. "Who is this? Who gave you this number?" he asks. "The eyes and ears of El Penitente are everywhere. Your sins have found you out, "Gravedigger." Your little secret is no secret to me." replies the unknown caller as he clutches his flagellum. A very familiar 'W' shape appears to have been scarred into his back by his routine self-flagellation. "No... say nothing and listen very carefully. I have unfinished business in Gotham City, and scores to settle. Here's what you're going to do..."

Elsewhere across Gotham City citizens are racing to their own phone lines to dial Jason Todd's 1-800 number. The Red Hood has taken to the airwaves advertising that should one million Gothamites call his number a webcam will activate and show the world the captive Dynamic Duo, disrobed and unmasked for all to see! Of course even though Jason Todd may have returned from the dead, traveled different worlds and battled unknown aliens, his knot tying skills leave a lot to be desired. Batman and Robin are able to slip out of their restraints and back into their costumes before the camera can activate. All across Gotham, people are sighing a mixture of disappointment and relief that their masked heroes remain anonymous for one more day. Searching around, Dick is able to determine that he and Damian have been sealed inside the Red Hood's mobile command unit atop one of Gotham's many skyscrapers still under-construction. They free themselves only to find that the situation outside isn't much better. Jason has rallied a defense against the Flamingo but wound up with a bullet wound to the face and knee-cap. The pink-haired hitman then turns his attentions to Red Hood's partner Scarlet. But what happens when the face eating psychopath meets the girl whose face cannot be removed?

He tugs and tugs at her mask's seams before she gashes him with one of her blades. Feeling responsible for the girl and her condition, Damian jumps into the fray to help but receives four bullets to his cape-protected spine for his troubles, paralyzing him from the waist down. Dick delivers a much-deserved boot to Flamingo's face but it's ultimately Jason Todd who finishes things up. When Dick is nearly tossed over the side of the building, Jason uses a construction digger to scoop Flamingo up along with other assorted rocks and debris and deposit him over the edge plummeting to the Earth below! But while Dick goes to check on Damian, Jason uses the opportunity to gloat. In his mind he's finally done what even Batman himself could never do - he beat his arch-enemy. But his moment in the sun is soon interrupted by the harsh lights of police high-beams as several GCPD squad cars encircle him. Commissioner Gordon steps out and arrests Jason Todd and reminds him that the only reason Gotham City permits Batman to act as he does is because he keeps his actions on the right side of the law. Jason Todd is a murderer and he's going to jail - where perhaps the punishment will fit the crime.

Around the same time the police showed up, so did Talia al Ghul's organ harvesting miracle docs. Somehow they've been made aware of Damian's condition and have arrived to no doubt rehabilitate the boy to full health. Meanwhile, Gordon reports that there's no sign of Flamingo or Scarlet. Shortly before the police arrived, Scarlet took off in the mobile command unit and hit the road. But unbeknownst to both Batman and Commissioner Gordon, Scarlet never made it out of Gotham City. At least not figuratively. As she raced toward the state line, Professor Pyg's mask began to erode and fall from Sasha's face. As the Red Hood's mobile armory crosses the Gotham bridge Sasha is reborn. She sets her sights on a bright future and already tries to begin distancing herself from the horrible memories of Gotham and the atrocities that took place there.

But even after the red-headed step-son of the Bat-Family has been carted off to jail, something that Jason Todd shouted while he was being handcuffed still resonates in Dick's mind. "You think any of this would be happening if he was here? You recovered his body! Don't tell me the kid's mother can't find a Lazarus Pit! They brought me back! How can you live with yourself!? He's still dead because of something you can never admit! You just couldn't stand the fact that you were always gonna be in his shadow!" And what if he's right? Beaten and exhausted, Dick Grayson stumbles down a dimly lit hallway somewhere within the Bat-Bunker inside the Wayne Penthouse. He steps up to the sealed secured gate and presses the electronic keyword. When prompted the Dark Knight utters the security password "Zur En Arrh." Cold air vapor seeps out as the doors hiss open to reveal what appears to be a well-preserved fully dressed corpse of the first Batman!


Revenge of the Red Hood, Part 3: "Flamingo is Here"[]