"Terminus Last Gasp"

Terminus corners Batman and Robin on the streets of Gotham City with just 20 minutes left to countdown on the clock on his armoured suit. Terminus has assembled a group of criminals who suffered disfigurement and impairment at the hands of Batman or Robin, and they have been branding everyday citizens with the mark of the Bat, in order to sour public opinion of their resident vigilante.

Batman is not strong enough to handle Terminus on his own, so he orders the Batmobile's computer to fire a laser array which buries Terminus in debris, giving him the time to duck into the vehicle and change into a special augmentation suit. Robin, meanwhile, gets a helping hand in fighting the other criminals from his predecessors; Nightwing, Red Hood, and Red Robin. Regardless of his complaints that he could handle it all himself, Gotham is their city too.

The former Robins make short work of Terminus' cohorts as the GCPD's helicopters converge over head. While Batman faces death as his enemy gets the upper hand, the timer on Terminus' armour reaches zero, and he simply collapses under his suit's weight. Batman leans over him, and while his body rapidly deteriorates, Terminus admits the timer counts down to the exact minute of his death. However, it serves the dual purpose of counting down to the detonation of a warhead in Kane County which carries a deadly toxin which will fall over the city and cause a rain of death.

Abandoning his doomed prey, Batman uses his augmented suit to launch up into the sky and catch up to the missile. The Robins watch on with concern as Batman latches onto the side of the device. Realizing that there is no time to defuse it, he breaks through its casing and attempts to override its guidance. Steering the warhead into Gotham Harbour, Batman yanks out the controls and lets himself glide on his outstretched cape while the missile pounds into the water below, and detonates in the safety of the water.

Robin turns to Terminus, who is very near death, explaining that his plan has failed. He stands and turns to his predecessors, offering a ride, which only Nightwing accepts. As the others leave, Nightwing passes Robin one of his escrima sticks, conceding that Damian is the best - and only - Robin. After all, he is the only one wearing the R on his chest.


"Terminus Last Gasp"






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