Since the loss of his son, Bruce Wayne has been distraught. He spends his night next to Damian's bedroll, staring into the fire. During the day, he looks through the boy's notebooks, admiring the boy's sketches, and finding a list of film recommendations from Clark Kent along with them.

Alfred Pennyworth, meanwhile, is unable to contain his tears as he pauses to look at the unfinished family portrait sitting in the library, with Damian's portrait the only incomplete part. Bruce catches him looking at it, and in order to spare them both pain, he covers the painting, and carries it out of the room.

That evening, Bruce slides down the fire-poles to the Batcave, and imagines that he sees Damian there beside him, but the vision is marred by the sight of illusory blood smeared on the pole. A second glance, and it is gone.

He takes a moment to look at the case which contains Damian's costume and equipment, steels himself, and pulls his cowl down in preparation for his patrol.

Again, he is haunted by memories and hallucinations of his son beside him as Robin, and when he realizes that they aren't real, he is filled with rage. He channels that rage into his work, pushing himself harder than ever in his war on crime. That night, Commissioner Gordon is wakened in the early hours of the morning to find that someone else has turned on the Bat-Signal, and the roof of Gotham City Police Headquarters has been filled with criminals that Batman has caught.

Exhausted from more than just the effort, Bruce returns home, showers, and undresses. As he brushes past Damian's locker, he knocks loose a sealed letter addressed to him from his son. The letter tells of how Damian refused to be put on the side-lines of the fight with Leviathan, and worrying that he may not make it, he added that though his mother may have given him life, it was Bruce - his father - who taught him how to live.

The anguish of his loss fills Bruce with rage again, and he smashes the locker and throws its contents about the room. When he calms himself, he crumples to the floor, gathers up Damian's costume in his arms, cuddles it to his chest, and cries.








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