"Bad Blood"

Watching his young son Damian train in the Batcave, Batman worries at the indoctrination that Damian's mother Talia al Ghul must have used to turn him into a veritable killing machine. Bruce hopes that despite this, he can shape Damian into a good man. Alfred Pennyworth assures Bruce that as Batman, he has been all of his proteges' moral compass, and that Batman will always need a Robin, just as Robin will always need a Batman. Just so, Bruce wonders what would befall Damian if he weren't around.

That night, Batman and Robin intercept a weapons shipment in Gotham City. Batman is proud that Damian showed restraint in beating the criminals involved, though Robin feels they deserved worse. As they drive off, the criminals they left hanging by a streetlamp are suddenly murdered by NoBody.

Back in the Batcave, Bruce hopes that this being the fourth foiled weapons shipment in eight weeks, the runners will bypass Gotham. Alfred, however, is more concerned by Damian's apparent excess energy, even at this late hour. Bruce suggests that the extra training will help the boy vent some of his more violent impulses rather than exerting them on real people during field work. Alfred is unimpressed by Bruce's admission that he called Damian's restraint 'commendable' rather than stating plainly that he was proud. Awkwardly, Bruce approaches his son, and tells him that he did nice work. As Bruce heads up to the mansion, Damian plucks a bat out of the air, and crushes it to death. Unseen, Alfred watches, worriedly.

The next day, Bruce decides to adopt a Great Dane Dog. As he and the dog get acquainted, they are interrupted by the appearance of a man named Morgan. Bruce identifies him as the man who murdered the gun runners last night. Morgan is clearly disgusted with Bruce's activities as Batman, particularly the franchising of his vigilante identity through Batman Incorporated.

Morgan believes that Bruce has distorted the clarity of their mission a mission which Bruce does not believe that they share. Morgan works for Henri Ducard, who he claims would be disappointed to see Bruce's mission of vigilante vengeance. He explains that his visit isn't an attack, but an intervention. He plans to save him from himself.

Morgan activates an explosive device which unexpectedly causes a nearby barrel to explode with candy. Bruce calms his new pet, wondering what Morgan's appearance portends.


"Bad Blood"






  • The Great Dane that Bruce adopts is of the same breed as Ace, from Batman Beyond, though it has not yet been named.


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