As NoBody continues to beat and torture Robin, knowing fully that Batman can hear his own son being hurt, Robin coughs that Batman should do whatever he needs to do.

Batman has managed to lock onto their location using the GPS device hidden in Robin's emblem, and they are on a boat in the river. He hears NoBody say that he intends to leave Robin broken and bloodied, just as Bruce had left him many years ago in England. Moments before he uses his sonic gloves to turn Damian's guts to paste, Batman and the Batmobile crash through the ceiling.

Angrily, Batman steps out of the wreckage, warning that no man can try to murder his son and expect to live. NoBody vows that he will kill Robin tonight, and make Batman watch, just as Bruce made Henri Ducard see his own son beaten within an inch of his life. Batman leaps on his opponent, fortunately having updated his suit to protect himself from NoBody's sonics.

Angrily, Batman explains that NoBody is motivated by his insecurity. Henri Ducard - his father - turned on him when Bruce Wayne defeated him, and Robin turned on him when he tried to manipulate him. The only person who showed Morgan Ducard any loyalty was his mother, and he killed her for it. Angrily, NoBody rises up and claims that the world doesn't need a "Batman" - it needs a nobody. Only a nobody rises from the masses to make things right. Batman explains that it always takes a somebody to show that nobody that they're wrong.

Damian watches, coolly as his father raises his opponent high above his head, and thrusts NoBody into the vat of acid nearby. In his rage, Bruce rips off his cowl amid the screams of Morgan Ducard. Finally, looking over at his son, Bruce wrenches his foe from the acid before he can be killed, and suggests that they get out of there.

Bruce helps Damian up, glad that he didn't lose his son. He admits that, briefly, he thought Damian might have betrayed him. Turning, Bruce begins clearing the debris, so they can get off the sinking boat alive.

However, Damian is distracted by Morgan, who pleads with the boy not to disappoint him. He plays on Damian's knowledge that one day, he will return to kill them all. Bruce turns in horror, just in time to watch his son use the dangerous move he was taught that results in instant fatality. Wearily, Damian turns to his father, and asks forgiveness.








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